Solid Waste Management

Blair Hecker
Solid Waste Administrator
321 W Main St
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: 502-875-8751
Mark Barrett
Solid Waste Coordinator
100 Lewis Ferry Rd
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: 502-875-7987
Franklin County Solid Waste Management is dedicated to providing a clean and healthy environment for our residents.  The department has a landfill diversion goal of 50% by 2025, and operates numerous programs to assist with this goal.  The Solid Waste Coordinator answers to calls concerning high weeds and grass, junked cars and nuisance control.  The Solid Waste Administrator answers questions concerning residential trash and recycling pickup and coordinates outreach programs.

Waste Tire Collection Event:

October 18, 19 and 20
8:00 AM- 2:00 PM
State Highway Maintenance Garage ~ US 127 S @ 1-64 Jct in Frankfort
Franklin County Solid Waste Management in partnership with the Kentucky Division of Waste Management is sponsoring a tire collection event to allow residents FREE disposal of an unlimited amount of tires.
Tires to be accepted include: farm implement, bicycle, motorcycle, go-cart, ATV, tractor, truck and passenger. Tires may be on- or off-rim.
NOT accepted: large OTR, tracks, sheet rubber, solid, calcium or otherwise filled, or any tire with a bead greater than 1 ¾ inches.
Tire Retailers are NOT eligible to participate.  For residential use only.
Residents must assist with unloading.
Questions?  Contact Blair Hecker, 875-8751 or Mark Barrett, 875-7987

Fall Household Hazardous Waste Event


Collection Schedule


Trash and Recycling must be out by 6 a.m. day of collection 

Bald Knob Area
Benson Valley Rd., Dry Ridge Rd., Flat Creek Rd., Harp Pike, Harvieland, Lebanon Rd., McCann Ln., Polsgrove, Stony Creek Rd. Devil’s Hollow Road Area, Bark Branch, Bryant-Benson Rd. (Devil’s Hollow to St. John’s), Pierce Ln., Pea Ridge Rd., Skyview Dr., Saint John’s Rd., Singleton Ln., Smoot Ln., and Two Creeks

Louisville Road Area, Avenstoke Rd., Bridgeport Rd., Broadview, Bryant Benson Rd., to St. Johns, Evergreen Rd., U.S. 60 to South Benson, Hawkeegan, Huntington Woods, Sheep Pen Rd., and South Benson Rd., Cardwell Lane Area, Willowcrest, Highlands, Edgewood, Coolbrook and Westview Dr.

Evergreen Road Area, South Benson to U.S. 127 South, Schofield Ln. area, Farmdale subdivision, Green Wilson Rd., Easy St., Meadowbrook, and Iron Dr., U. S. 127 South (Lawrenceburg Road Area), Bentwoods, Big Eddy, Cedar Run, Dove Creek, Hanks Ln., Hanley Ln., Johnson Rd., Jones Ln., Mills Ln., Twilight Tr., Old Harrodsburg Rd., Wash Rd. and Ninevah Rd.

Versailles Road Area, U.S. 421 South including Bon Air, Country Ln., Springhill, Duckers, Millville-Duncan Rd., Slickaway, and Mill Rd., Georgetown Road Area, Elkhorn and Capital Mobile Home Parks, Bedford Rd. Colston Ln., Jones Rd., Lucas Ln., Rocky Branch Rd., Switzer Rd., Westover Rd. Woodlake Rd. and Governor’s Place


Steadmantown Lane & Peaks Mill Road Area, Discher Estates, Oaks, Justice Ln., Holt Ln., Union Ridge area, Camp Pleasant, Indian Gap Rd. and Sullivan Ln., Owenton Road Area, Lewis Ferry Rd., Leestown-Manley Rd. Circle Subdivision, Shadrick Ferry Rd., Stonewall Subdivision, Ridgewood Subdivision, Steele Branch Rd., Royal Parkway, Wright Rd., McDonald Ferry Rd., and Swallowfield Rd.


Recycling Program

Franklin County recycles paper, cardboard and fiberboard, steel and aluminum cans, food-grade glass, and plastic bottles and jugs.  All may go into the recycling cart together.  To learn more about recycling dos and don’ts, view our recycling commercials via YouTube:
If you still have questions or would like additional information, please contact Blair Hecker at 502-875-8751.

Landfill Voucher Program

Franklin County and Republic Services offers the free landfill voucher program for Benson Valley Landfill.  This program is open for Frankfort and Franklin County residents, contractors are ineligible to participate.  Vouchers are issued Monday-Friday at the Franklin County Fiscal Court, 321 W Main Street, for the next upcoming voucher day.  Voucher days take place EVERY Saturday of the month from 8 AM- 12 noon.
Residents may obtain a voucher by bringing their Franklin County driver’s license to Fiscal Court, and will only be issued a voucher for the upcoming Saturday.  All residents are limited to 4 vouchers per calendar year, and vouchers issued are only good for the specified date.  The resident obtaining the voucher must be present in the vehicle at the landfill to verify the voucher.

If you have questions regarding the voucher program, please call:

Benson Valley Landfill
(502) 209-3814


Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call regarding customer service issues with my trash and recycling?
Legacy Carting, 859-369-7000, or Blair Hecker, 875-8751

How do I dispose of large items and extra trash?
Extra bags of trash (up to two) may be left beside of or on top of your red rolling cart for collection.  Larger items, such as furniture, may be scheduled for a bulk waste pickup with Legacy carting for a small fee, or taken to the landfill during a free voucher day.  For disposal of white-good appliances, contact Mark Barrett, Solid Waste Coordinator, for free pickup.

Where can I dispose of an old TV?
The City of Frankfort offers free electronics recycling at the facility located on Rouse Avenue. Newer flat screen models as well as older box style tube televisions may be dropped off at this location.

How do I dispose of hazardous products?
Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) products may be disposed of during the specific HHW collection events.  These collections take place twice annually, once in the fall and once in the spring.

What do I do with waste tires?
Franklin County participates in the Waste Tire Amnesty program, which is part of Kentucky’s Energy and Environment Cabinet’s (EEC) ongoing effort to rid Kentucky’s landscape of waste tires. The program is supported by the Waste Tire Trust Fund established by the Kentucky General Assembly in 1998. The legislation requires tire retailers to collect a $1 fee on all new replacement motor vehicle tires sold.

During a waste tire amnesty event, any Kentucky resident (regardless of county residence) can drop off their unwanted tires at a specific location at no cost. Amnesties are typically held at the host county's State Highway Garage.

The waste tire amnesty program rotates through each county on a 3-year cycle, which is subject to change due to funding or other factors.

Additional information can be found on Division of Waste Management's website


Solid Waste 5 Year Plan

Landfill Voucher Program


Franklin County and Republic Services offer the free landfill voucher program for Benson Valley Landfill.  This program will be available every Saturday. Residents must observe the following rules and regulations for the program:

• Vouchers are only issued for Frankfort/Franklin County residents, with a valid driver’s license
• Residents may only use 4 vouchers per calendar year
• Residents may only take one load per Saturday, per household
• Load size is limited to the bed of a pickup truck OR a single axle trailer
• Contractors are NOT eligible for the voucher program
• Heavy construction debris, tires, and white-good appliances are excluded from the voucher program
Vouchers may be obtained Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM- 4:30 PM, at the Franklin County Fiscal Court building.  Vouchers will only be given for the next upcoming voucher day, and vouchers issued are only good for that Saturday. 

Litter Hotline


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