Bluegrass Area Development District
2017 Citizen Advisory Committees
Natural Resources & Environmental Protection:
Robert Hewitt

Tourism, Historic Preservation & Recreation:     
Joy Jeffries       
Ann Northcutt
Homeland Security       
Kevin Hutcherson
Development Advisory                                
Terri Bradshaw, CCEIDA (KCDC)
Human Services Advisory                    
Marchelle Jenkins, Council on Aging
Brittany Parker

Regional Transportation Committee
Robert Hewitt  
Capital Development Committee

Members by order include:
Franklin County Judge/Executive
Mayor of Frankfort
Executive Director, Capital Plaza Operations
Secretary, Finance & Administration
Commissioner, Department of Travel Development
Secretary, Education, Arts, & Humanities
Secretary, Tourism Development
Frankfort/Franklin County Tourism Chair
Citizen At-Large, by County Judge/Exec. (Jill Robinson)
Citizen At-Large, by Mayor

Capital Community Economic/Industrial Development Authority
dba Kentucky Capital Development Corporation
Rex Fowler      
Danny Willis     
Dave Weller     
Chamber of Commerce, Frankfort Area
Judge/Executive Huston Wells

Ethics Commission, Franklin County
Lyda Phillips     
Rodney Simpson    
Greg Gaby    

Extension Agency, Franklin County
Jan Wright     
Myron Moore  
Rodney Bennett    
William Bradley    
Sherron Jackson    
Connie Trainer     
Health, Franklin County Board of 
County Judge/Executive   
Richard Tanner    
Industrial Development Authority, Franklin County
Max Allen     
Danny Garland    
Pat Badgett     
Rick Pogrotsky     
David R. Harrod    
Joe C. Rudder     
Paul Sawyier Library Voting Board
Dr. John Bator     
Patty Crittenden    
Gretchen Gillig    
Robert Kellerman    
Natalie Wilkerson  
Planning Commission, Frankfort/Franklin County
Joyce Honaker     
James D. Nickell
Charles Stewart    
Keith Lee     
Robert Roach     
Resource Office for Social Ministries (ROSM)
Marti Booth     
Tax Assessment Appeals Board, Franklin County
Mary Taulbee 
William “Maurice” Brown   
Mayor 3-year Appointment: Taylor Marshall
Tourist and Convention Commission, Frankfort/Franklin County
Sonia Sanders     
Gary Burke     
Phyllis Liebman    
Barry Kaderi
Jarrod Ross 
Marc Stone     
Elkhorn Water District
Steve Mika     
Abner  J. Lipps     
Michael F. Dudgeon, Jr.   
Farmdale Water District
Craig Blanton        
Clifford Toles     
Yvonne Hill-Poole  
Peaks Mill Water District
Lee Troutwine     
Church Quarles    
Benjamin Webster Fannin  
U.S. 60 Water District
Hobart Hearn     
Robin Hill
Denis G. King
Joy Peach
Allan Alsip     
Zoning Adjustments, Frankfort/Franklin County Board of
Mitch Buchanan    
Johnny R. Keene    
Ashley Morgan
Board of Directors of Franklin County Humane Society
Ashley Freire