Flood Information

Franklin County Flood Information

Much of Franklin County is comprised of two 100-year floodplains; Elkhorn Creek and the Kentucky River floodplain.

For information regarding Flood Safety, Property Protection, Permitting, and Insurance please see Franklin County Flood Information or call 502-875-8701.

Want to check if your home or prospective home is in a flood zone?  Click here to find out.

FEMA presentation about the Lower Kentucky Watershed

Kentucky Flood Preparedness Quick Guide 

Understanding your Flood Hazards

Storm Water & Drainage Information

Drainage Problems

Problems and/or issues relating to stormwater or drainage in Franklin County can be reported to the Planning Department. This would include information about pollutants that are being introduced to the drainage system. Additionally, issues relating to stormwater drainage flow, such as obstructions impeding the flow of stormwater, should also be conveyed to the department. You can report these issues by contacting:

Robert Hewitt, Director of Planning and Zoning
(502) 875-8701



To view regulations pertaining to Stormwater & Drainage Please click on the document links below:

Stormwater Procedure Manual
Illicit Discharge Control
2013-04-12 Ordinance to update FIRM – Flood Damage Prevention
Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance