Lakeview Park Master Plan


Welcome to the Lakeview Park Master Plan website.In association with the Lakeview Park Committee, Hitchcock Design Group along with their design partners, Pros Consulting and BFW Engineering, has been selected to develop a Master Plan for the future of Lakeview Park. During the planning process, we will be completing a detailed analysis of the Park facilities, offerings, and collecting community input that will guide the update of the Master Plan.


The planning effort will follow a three-phase process starting with the Analyze Phase, which will identify assets, issues, and site context around the park. The Connect Phase will feature extensive public outreach including a web-based survey, focus group discussions with community stakeholders, and a community event. Preliminary strategies will be developed during the Envision Phase based on local and regional market characteristics, physical, cultural, and financial resources, and the expectations and requirements of the community and regulatory stakeholders. During this phase, the consultant team will document final recommendations in a Master Plan Report and seek adoption from Fiscal Court and Lakeview Park Committee.

Current Status

    1. The design team presented their inventory findings to the Park Committee on July 8th
    1. Held at Hancock Pavilion on July 17th, the design team hosted an open house for the community. Thank you to those who came out to hear about the current findings and provide their feedback.
    1. The survey is now closed. 
    1. The design team is currently working on gathering all data received from the previous stakeholder meetings, the community event, and the online survey.  The data collected will guide the final program for Lakeview Park Master Plan.  The preliminary program will be presented to the Fiscal Court and the Lakeview Park Committee for their approval on August 24, 2021.  Once approved, the program will directly impact the concept for the master plan.

Master Plan Boards & Maps

Click to download a PDF of Maps prepared by Hitchcock Group for the Lakeview Park master plan. 


What is a Master Plan?

A Master Plan is a document that provides recommendations for recreational facilities and services over a set period of time. The Lakeview Park Master Plan will:

• Assess existing properties, facilities, services, and operations
• Determine community sentiment about existing properties, facilities, services, and operations
• Recognize recreational prioritizations as identified by the community and Park users
• Define strategic and measurable goals for the next five to ten years

Why is Lakeview Park updating its Master Plan?

Lakeview Park Committee is seeking to understand how residents view and use the park and its recreation offerings. The consultant team will also be reassessing current offerings and resources, including items that have been implemented as a result
of past Master Plan recommendations. This information will be used to help prioritize additional improvements.

Who can contribute to the plan?

Everyone! Residents, stakeholders and employees can attend the community event and take part in the community input online portal. We thank you for your input!

What happens to the information I share?

Your responses will remain anonymous and will be grouped accordingly with all other solicited responses collected during the Connect Phase. These responses will be used to develop the strategies that will guide future actions.

When will the Master Plan be completed?

The Plan is scheduled to be published by the end of 2021. Check this  website for additional information and updates as the plan is developed.