The Carter House

Welcome to The Carter House!

The Carter House is Located at Lakeview Park. It is operated by the Franklin County Parks and Recreation Department. This two story Colonial Style house is the perfect location for your next party, reunion, reception or wedding. The house has a large front yard and porch, back patio, side yard and gazebo. It also features a beautiful front foyer, three main rooms downstairs, two bathrooms and a catering kitchen. In addition, your rental fee includes access to 100 chairs and 20 tables at no additional cost! This full featured venue is perfect for your next event.

Weddings, Receptions and Events!

Facility Rental Fee

Rental Fee: $500 per day

All above fees include Kentucky sales tax. Tent Installation requires a minimum of a 2-day rental.

**rental fee includes 100 chairs & 20 tables

Take a virtual tour of The Carter House

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Rental Rules

  • Only Carter House renters and users are permitted through the front gate. All other users of Lakeview park should enter through the main gate on Steadmantown Lane.
  • Kitchen facilities, restrooms and normal janitorial services are included in the fee for the Carter House.
  • Loud music is not permitted on the premises.
  • No commercial fireworks.
  • No person is permitted to use any other facility in the park unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Driveways are not to be blocked at any time.
  • The Park will not be rented to anyone under 21. The renting party will be held responsible for any breach of these regulations.
  • Alcoholic beverages shall not be served to minors nor sold on the premises of the Park.
  • The use of tobacco products is prohibited.
  • Fire extinguishers have been provided for the renters safety. Any fire extinguisher discharged for the purposes other than provided, will be recharged at the renters expense.
  • Renter is responsible for the removal of all food, trash, decorations etc. to trash containers provided on the property.
  • Normal cleaning time allotted is three hours. When more than three hours is required for cleanup , it will be charged to the renter.
  • Renter is responsible for folding all chairs and table and returning any furniture to its original position.
  • The County will not be responsible for any personal belongings left on the property.
  • Persons damaging any of the properties will make restitution for the same. Should the renter fail to pay the damage costs, appropriate criminal or civil action will be taken.