Air quality in Franklin County is still in the unhealthy range due to wildfire smoke from Canada. As of June 29th at 8 AM, the AQI in Lexington is 161. It has dropped from our post yesterday when the AQI in Lexington at 1 PM was 180. However, an AQI of 161 is still considered in the unhealthy range for all individuals.

In this range, everyone may experience health effects. Members of sensitive groups may experience more serious health effects. Sensitive groups include the elderly, children, persons with asthma or other breathing problems, and persons with lung and heart disease. People in these groups are advised to greatly limit their outdoor activities to reduce their exposure to ozone and particulate pollution.

Currently, the Airnow forecast from the Environmental Protection Agency does expect air quality to continue to improve today. We are expected to move into the orange zone which is “unhealthy for sensitive groups”.