Franklin County, Kentucky – The Franklin County Road Department is currently completing work on a new waste water treatment system for the Lakeview Park splash pad. This system will save the county approximately $35,000 per year in sewer costs. Once the project is completed, the sewer pipe from the splash pad will be connected to the new wastewater system instead of the current city sewer system. This new system will consist of a chlorination unit to disinfect the minor human waste associated with the splash pad, then routed through a conventional septic tank to settle and separate any solids that may exist and finally after being conveyed by PVC pipe to a point where the water will be discharged.

The entire wastewater treatment project is being completed internally using county staff. The installation portion of the work is being completed by Road Department under the supervision of Superintendent Jon Mitchell. The planning and application process was headed by Planning and Zoning Director Robert Hewitt.  It is the goal of your County government to be good stewards of your tax dollars. We are continually looking for ways to cut costs and be as efficient as possible with our monetary resources.