Please check out the resources below about state and federal assistance to individuals and businesses that have been impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Safety Net Programs

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Unemployment Insurance

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Paycheck Protection Program

Paycheck Protection Program is a forgivable loan that can be used to keep businesses open for the next 8 weeks.

Just follow the simple steps below and you’re on your way

1. If a local business wants to remain open they can get a “loan” to do that for 8 weeks.
2. That loan can be the amount it costs to pay for payroll, employee’s health insurance, retirement, rent/mortgage and utilities.
3. They should go to their regular banker to apply for the loan. (It has to be an SBA approved bank, and most of the banks in Frankfort are.)
4. They will have to take documentation of their payroll, utility costs and mortgage/rent expenses over the past year.
5. The application will be quickly approved/denied and the check will be written.
6. They go back to work and pay their employees, utilities and mortgage/rent.
7. After 8 weeks, they go back to their banker and file an application to have their loan forgiven.
8. They must provide proof that they used the money to pay for payroll, utilities and mortgage/rent.
9. When they do, the loan is forgiven.
10. It is really that simple and should be used by each of our businesses who have remained open and continue to struggle to pay their employees.

The banks are still waiting on final regulations to be issued. Once they are, our local bankers and accountants will be the authorities on who qualifies, etc… But please encourage any business owners under 500 employees to speak to their banker and/or accountant.

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Now Hiring!

Frankfort/Franklin County

The link below will take you to the KCDC website that will list companies that are currently hiring in Franklin County plus contact information for each business.


Bluegrass Region

The link below is a list of “urgently hiring businesses” in our 17 county bluegrass region. Just scroll down to your county to find contact & application information for each company listed.