Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and in effort to safely provide toys for children this year we have opted to accept applications ONLINE ONLY.

All applicants must follow and complete the instructions by the application deadline.

Applications will be accepted from November 9, 2020 to November 20, 2020

  • You must be a Franklin County Resident and provide proof of residency (ex. Utility Bill or Photo ID)
  • You must provide a copy of a Kentucky Driver’s License or ID only.  It must be of the parent or guardian picking up the toys and match the address on the application.
  • The guardian or parent picking up the toys must show proof of guardianship or of being the parent. (ex. Birth Certificate or legal documentation)  The child must be living with you.
  • A copy of a Birth Certificate to verify age.
  • Proof of income:  Bring 2019 W2’s or tax documentation along with a current check stub copy, unemployment check stub.
  • You will not be accepted if you are on another charitable organization’s list for Christmas assistance.

You will receive a postcard at the given address if you have been approved for assistance.  You must bring the matching driver’s license or ID that you turned in with the application.  The postcard will also have the pickup location, date and times.  (If you do not give the correct address, you will not receive a postcard or toys).