The Fiscal Court recently approved a contract totaling $75,000 with Net Recovery to help treat persons dealing with opioid use disorder in our community. This will allow 15 residents to undergo treatment using the innovative NET Device. Funding for this treatment is made possible by using opioid settlement funds.

The NET Device is a non-invasive, battery-powered, portable, re-usable, prescription device designed to provide bilateral, transcranial, transcutaneous, alternating current stimulation (tACS) to reduce symptoms of opioid withdrawal under the supervision of trained clinical personnel.

This device received FDA clearance in May 2024 following a clinical trial that was based at the Isaiah House Treatment Center located in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.

This action begins the first phase of our opioid settlement project. The court is still in the process of determining how to best use this funding to help alleviate the impact of opioid use in Franklin County.