The inaugural FHS boys’ volleyball team got together on Sunday, March 5th, 2023, to participate in Franklin County KY Solid Waste Trash for Cash fundraiser, the first fundraising event the team has ever done. Volunteers included the coaches, team members, and parents.

During that time, they covered just shy of fifteen miles of Franklin County in the Bridgeport-Benson, Bryant Benson, Bark Branch, and Pea Ridge Road areas. The group picked up well over thirty bags of trash along their route.

The Volleyball coaching staff includes Head Coach Kelcie Tuner, Garrett Turner, and Jacob Rexroat.

This year’s roster includes Caleb Duff, Tyler Miller, Alek Hunter, Luke Sweasy, Jacob Blackwell, Will Boswell, Ashtin Austin, Caleb Hack, Carter Gilbert, Mason Leigh, Joe Goins, Jago Chagoya, Ben Schrader, Stephane Bebe, and Fynn Hankeln.

Players pictured below are Jacob Blackwell, Tyler “Jazzy” Miller, Luke Sweasy, Will Boswell, and Caleb Duff.

We appreciate the team’s efforts to Put Waste in its place!