Frankfort and Franklin County residents have the opportunity to take advantage of our annual Fall Household Hazardous Waste disposal day next weekend. Thanks to a grant from the Kentucky Division of Waste Management, Franklin County receives funds to bring in a licensed HHW disposal company to allow residents free disposal of HHW items.  This occurs once in the fall and once in the spring.  The fall event will take place on Saturday, October 26 at the Frankfort Recycling Center, 309 Rouse Avenue.  Residents may come from 8:00AM- 12:00 PM and drop off any of the accepted items.  Because of our grant funding, this is a service for Frankfort and Franklin County residents only, so please bring proof of address. 

Items to be accepted include:

Poison (liquid and solid), Herbicide (liquid and solid), Batteries (all types), Aerosol cans, Propane cylinders, Oil based paint, Solvents, gasoline, thinners, Antifreeze, Fluorescent tubes, Fire extinguishers, Adhesives, tars, Asbestos, Corrosive acids, bases, cleaners, Dioxins, Fertilizers, Organic peroxides, Reactive solids, Oxidizers, Flammable solids, Mercury, Freon, acetylene, etc., Electronics (including box-style TVs)

Items not accepted include:

Water based paints (latex or acrylic): These paints may be hardened with sand, kitty litter or a paint hardener and disposed of in the trash.

Motor oil and hydraulic oil: These materials are accepted at local retailers or at the Franklin County Road Department on the first Wednesday of each month.

Medications: may be disposed of at the Frankfort Police Department or Health Department If you have any questions regarding this topic or other solid waste topics, contact the Franklin County Solid Waste Department at 875-8751.  Let’s keep Franklin