Continuing a 7-year tradition, the Franklin County Fiscal Court staff adopted a family in need for Christmas. This year they adopted a family that consisted of two toddler boys and a 9-year-old girl.

“Each year we reach out to one of our local charitable organizations and ask them to help us identify a Franklin County family who needs assistance with providing Christmas presents for their children,” Judge/Executive Huston Wells said. “In my position, I am empowered to conduct weddings. Typically, a fee is charged for this service. I wanted this money to be used towards bettering our community.”

During Christmas of 2016, one of the Fiscal Court employees suggested to Wells that the money be used to adopt a less fortunate family during Christmas. Starting then and continuing every year since the office has adopted a less fortunate family. During that period of time, approximately 5,000 dollars’ worth of presents has been donated to various local children.

“I am very proud of our staff. They have eagerly embraced this charitable cause and they work hard each year to ensure that our adopted family has the best Christmas possible,” Wells said.

Once a family has been selected, Judge Wells and several staff members go shopping for toys and clothes based on needs that have been identified by the parents. The gifts are then brought back to the Judge’s office where they are wrapped before being delivered.

“It is a wonderful feeling to be able to give back to our community,” Solid Waste Coordinator Brittany Woodward commented. “I am glad that I work for an employer who cares deeply about those in need.”