Judge/Executive Wells and Solid Waste Coordinator Brittany Woodward took a trip out to clean up Devils Hollow Road this afternoon. In just over an hour, the pair collected 7 full bags of trash down nearly 1/3 of the hill from the Public Safety Complex.

The most common items collected were bottles (water, soda, liquor), plastic bags, and fast food waste (cups, food containers). Judge Wells urges everyone to take pride in our community – stash your trash until you reach your destination, don’t litter our roadways.

And a reminder – the Solid Waste Department is running a contest throughout the month of April. Submit a picture of yourself/friends/family collecting litter to brittany.woodward@franklincounty.ky.gov for your chance at a gift card to your favorite Frankfort restaurant. Submissions due by April 30, winners to be selected the following week.