Franklin County Fiscal Court applied for an Emergency Grant from the Energy and Environment Cabinet to assist the County with the collection, transportation, and disposal of municipal solid waste resulting from the March 2021 flood event. Part of that grant allows the County to reimburse residents in the affected areas for waste disposal costs (this does not include woody debris/mud). Residents must fill out the attached application and submit any supporting documents (receipts, etc) with their application to be considered. For residents impacted who utilized the landfill voucher program to dispose of this waste, you can submit for mileage reimbursement.

Applications can be submitted via drop off at 321 W Main Street or emailed to PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Deadline has been extended. Final Report is due to the State by June 30, so all applications must be received prior to that date.

If interested in applying for reimbursement, please download the application linked here: