A public hearing on the “Development Plan” for the Downtown Frankfort Development Area (“Development Area”), locally referred to as Parcels B and C, will be held as required by KRS 65.7051 by the City of Frankfort, Kentucky (“City”) at 5:00 p.m. on August 10, 2020.

Public Hearing Procedures

1.    This will be a virtual hearing using the GoToMeeting software application.  City Commission members, Fiscal Court members, and appropriate staff will be provided GoToMeeting sign-in information.

2.    Interested public participants must register prior to 2:00 p.m., August 10, 2020, by contacting Blair Hecker at 502-352-2180 or  Public participants must appear at City Hall, 315 West Second Street, where, one by one in the order of registration, they will enter the building and go through a prescribed COVID-19 protocol (temperature check, social distancing, and wearing a facial mask) and proceed to the Commission Chamber room.  Anyone refusing to comply with the COVID-19 protocol may be refused entry to City Hall.  When registering, each participant will also provide a phone number so that City staff may contact them as they wait outside City Hall for their turn to comment.  Each participant will be at a podium, on camera and microphone, and state their comments with a 5 minute maximum.  The GoToMeeting participants will appear on a monitor in the Commission Chamber so that questions/follow-ups may be made by City/County representatives.

3.     E-mail comments may be submitted no later than 2:00 p.m., August 6, 2020, to Blair Hecker at  These comments will be gathered and read at the public hearing.  

Development Plan Overview

The Development Plan provides for the establishment of the Development Area, in accordance with the provisions of KRS 65.7041 to KRS 65.7083, and the potential pledge (but does not provide for a specific pledge) to financially assist the mixed-use redevelopment of the Development Area as described in the Development Plan.  The Development Area is an approximate 18.1 acre area located in downtown Frankfort in the general vicinity of Mero Street, Wilkinson Boulevard, Broadway Street, St. Clair Street, Washington Street and Clinton Street, and is more specifically identified in the Development Plan. The Development Plan also presents the potential pledge of financial assistance utilizing incremental taxes from a variety of sources generated from within the Development Area.  The possible sources for these incremental taxes include City and County occupational and real property taxes, other special taxing districts, and a request for the pledge of eligible State incremental revenues.  No pledge will be sought from the Frankfort Independent School District.  A copy of the Development Plan is available for public inspection at the offices of the City Clerk, 315 West Second Street, Frankfort, or the offices of the Franklin County Fiscal Court Clerk, 321 West Main Street, Frankfort, or the following link: