ROAD CLOSURES in Frankfort and Franklin County due to flooding:

Updated 3/06/2021 at 800pm

The Kentucky River did crest at 40.16ft and has been dropping steadily today and will be below flood stage early Sunday. State, County, and City road crews worked today to clean, inspect, and open roadways as the water receded.


*KY 420, Old Lawrenceburg Rd- Can be used by emergency vehicles only, extensive cleanup required
*Kentucky Ave- Access to Frankfort Sewer, and Humane Society employees and contractors only
*KY 1211, Taylor Ave- OPEN
*Big Eddy Road- OPEN for local traffic–residents/contractors
*Travis Circle- OPEN
*Benson Ave- OPEN

Kentucky River-

  • North Stoney Creek (closed 2/28/2021)
  • Riverboat Landing, off Wapping Street (closed 3/01/2021)
  • Lewis Ferry Rd, near Buffalo Trace (closed 3/01/2021)
  • Stoney Creek (closed 3/01/2021)
  • Benson Valley Road, near Snow Hill (closed 3/01/2021)
  • Shadrick Ferry-KY 868, 3000 block (closed 3/01/2021)
  • Glenns Creek-KY 1659, 2500 block (closed 3/01/2021)
  • Polsgrove (closed 3/02/2021)
  • Travis Circle (closed 3/02/2021) REOPENED
  • Taylor Ave-KY 1211, between Benson Valley and Devils Hollow (closed 3/02/2021) REOPENED
  • Benson Ave, near Rose (closed 3/02/2021) REOPENED
  • Big Eddy-KY 1263, from KY 676 to Travis Circle (closed 3/02/2021) REOPENED for Local Traffic only
  • Glenns Creek-KY 1659 @ Harrod Carter (closed 3/02/2021)
  • Old Lawrenceburg Rd-KY 420, Capitol Garage to KY 676 (closed 3/02/2021)
  • Swallowfield Rd, south end (closed 3/02/2021)
  • Kentucky Ave, 900 block (closed 3/03/2021) REOPENED for Local Traffic to Frankfort Sewer and Humane Society only
  • Buffalo Alley, off St Clair (closed 3/04/2021) REOPENED
  • Leestown Lane, near Walter Todd (closed 3/05/2021) REOPENED
  • Indian Gap, near 127N (closed 3/06/2021) REOPENED

Elkhorn Creek-

  • Stillhouse Hollow (closed 3/01/2021) REOPENED

Report roadway issues to the Frankfort Dispatch Center at 502-875-8582

Turn Around Don’t Drown!