The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has received several complaints from citizens and businesses who received calls saying there was a warrant for their arrest for numerous reasons. Scammers will attempt to scare victims into giving them money during the call.

Individuals calling from ARE PRETENDING TO BE OUR SHERIFF’S OFFICE EMPLOYEES. We have been alerted that some of these callers may be mentioning Judge Wells by name. The caller will tell you they are from the “warrant and citation division”.  The FCSO does NOT call you to tell you that they have a warrant for you. The sheriff’s office does NOT have a “warrant and citation division.”

Judge Wells is NOT A TRIAL JUDGE. He can NOT issue a warrant for anyone’s arrest.

NEVER give out personal information over the phone including addresses, full names, driver’s license numbers and social security information.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office will NEVER call you to collect payment. Judge Wells is the County Judge/Executive and is NOT involved in adjudicating criminal or civil legal proceedings.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to the FCSO at (502) 875-8740.