Get Ready ! (link below)

Our third class of backyard composting is about to begin. We have about 20-25 spots remaining in our program this year. There are some changes – the most notable being that those interested in participating must attend a class prior to receiving their free composter. And as always, participating in the program means submitting your data to us every three months!

We will be offering this class on September 21, from 530-7 at the Paul Sawyier Library Community Room. We are requiring pre-registration at the link here: This link will open on Tuesday 9/6 at 10 AM. Please know that even if you do register, you may not receive a composter, as we have limited supply. However, you are welcome to attend the class either way.

Please direct any questions to our Solid Waste Coordinator, Brittany Woodward, at 502-875-8751 or