Statement from Judge Wells Regarding the Farmdale Sanitation District:

“I have heard from multiple constituents about conditions within the Farmdale Sanitation District. Please be assured, I am in constant contact with the board and I am receiving frequent updates about these problems. Yesterday, I visited the Coolbrook waste water package plant with Planning Director Robert Hewitt and Operator Carl Groce who is with Professional Waste Water Services.

Unfortunately, there are multiple severe concerns impacting this plant’s operation including, but not limited to, blocked pipes, electrical problems and a broken blower motor. Therefore, please be aware there are multiple elements of this system in desperate need of replacement or repair. This is truly an emergency situation.

Fixing these issues is a top priority for all involved. However, due to the pandemic, Farmdale Sanitation District is facing extreme delays in obtaining both contractors and replacement parts. After years of neglect by the previous owners of this system, unfortunately, there is no quick or easy fix.

I want to share with you what is currently being undertaken to resolve these untenable conditions. Firstly, I have asked the Frankfort City Sewer Department to provide any and all possible assistance to the Farmdale Sanitation District. Additionally, the board of the sanitation district has called a special meeting to address these problems. Mr. Groce is currently gathering quotes from contractors to replace the pipes and upgrade the electrical systems within the plant.

I have tasked Community Development Coordinator Ann Northcutt to begin an exhaustive search for additional funding sources to complete these emergency repairs. This topic will also be under discussion during tomorrow’s Fiscal Court work session.

As you can see there are many problems with this antiquated system. I understand your concerns and we will do everything in our power to assist Farmdale Sanitation District alleviate the issues as soon as possible.”